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Cyber security pitfalls

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of obsolete industrial parts supplier, EU Automation discusses three cyber security pitfalls that industry should prepare for.

Gigabit Industrial Ethernet and Industry 4.0

John Browett, CLPA Europe General Manager, outlines the network requirements that will enable Industry 4.0.

Demystifying IIOT & I4.0

Sam Walton, ICONICS UK, takes a look at demystifying the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

Transforming your primary data into valuable insights

As part of its "Mobility for tomorrow" strategy, the Schaeffler Group is creating a digital platform for processing large volumes of data, creating valuable insights that will over time transform its operations. Smart Machines & Factories spoke to Greig Littlefair, managing director of Schaeffler (UK) Ltd, who will oversee the implementation of the Group’s Digital Agenda in the UK.

Collaborative safety - a critical marker

Barry Graham, automation product marketing manager, Omron, looks at why collaborative safety is a critical marker for the smart factory.

Optimising safety

Industry 4.0 conjures up images of a highly dynamic working environment, able to respond almost immediately to shifts in customer requirements through rapid reorganisation and reconfiguration of manufacturing processes. In this scenario, individual production lines and cells can transform their operations and output almost at will, based on information garnered and analysed in real time. Mike Lomax, head of product management UK, Bosch Rexroth, reports.

Evolution towards the smart factory

By the time Industry 4.0 peaks, the functions of the machines producing the goods will no longer be clearly defined. Instead the goods themselves will tell the machine how they want to look at the end of the day. Frank Maier, CTO Lenze Group reports.

A digital vision

Aaron Blutstein spoke to Brian Holliday, the managing director of Siemens Digital Factory UK, about the challenges and opportunities of the digitisation of UK manufacturing.

Fighting talk at launch of All-Party Parliamentary Group on 4IR

By Smart Machines & Factories’ Joss Dixon: This week saw a major step forward in the UK’s efforts to establish itself at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the phase of technological advancement that will usher in the age of Industry 4.0.

How secure is your smart factory?

Industry 4.0, IIOT and the ‘connected factory’ offer huge opportunities for manufacturers. But as a smart factory goes online, how secure are communications in and out of the site? Smart Machines & Factories looks at remote access and how companies can protect themselves against cyber threats.

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