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Will TSN be a unifying force for automation?

A group of leading automation suppliers have joined forces to back what they believe will become the unifying communication system for linking industrial controls to each other and to the cloud. Tony Sacks reports on their hopes for the technology known as Time Sensitive Networking.

Visualising the future

Robert Golightly, MES, products, AspenTech, takes a look at how predictive analytics maximises operational excellence. Modern manufacturing is an ecosystem of interconnected software and hardware that helps refineries, chemical and petrochemical companies optimise plants and achieve operational excellence. As businesses generate vast amounts of data, efficient decision support solutions are needed to make sense of vital information and ensure operations can adapt quickly to dynamic conditions.

Smart skills for a smart future

Smart Machines & Factories spoke to Brian Holliday, managing director - Digital Factory, Siemens UK & Ireland, who says the UK can play a major role in promoting the adoption of Industry 4.0 digital technology solutions which will underpin the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution and optimise productivity in UK manufacturing. This, in turn, will enable a high wage economy such as the UK to compete within a globalised manufacturing environment. But, realising the enormous potential of a digitised manufacturing future is also dependent on creating a talented workforce with the right digital skills.

Manufacturing in the information age

A unified network fabric based on standard IP with a strong physical infrastructure supports reliable, secure networks that take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things. Amaechi Oduah, marketing solutions manager, EMEA,

High-level connectivity

The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is here, transforming the economy and society, resulting in the demand for smart machinery and factories to meet the developments of the Internet of Things. Gavin Stoppel, HARTING Ltd, reports.

Preparing for the smart manufacturing era - a banking perspective

Aaron Blutstein spoke to Dave Atkinson, UK head of manufacturing, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, about the key issues facing UK manufacturing, Industry 4.0, investment and Brexit.

Tackling cyber security

With a number of high profile hacks to manufacturing and processing businesses, and with widely reported vulnerabilities discovered in known-brand industrial controllers, it has become increasingly clear that the fully networked production environments and connected machinery that will be a dominant feature of the smart factory of the future are all too vulnerable to cyber-attack, and therefore attractive to hackers. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Getting robot ready for the factory of the future

As global manufacturers gear up for ‘Industry 4.0’, Smart Machines & Factories asked Mike Wilson, general industry sales & marketing manager for ABB Robotics what UK manufacturers should be doing to ensure they’re not left behind.

The future is collaborative

Aaron Blutstein spoke to Per Kloster Poulsen, regional sales director at Universal Robots‬, about the use of cobot technology in the UK in a smart manufacturing era.

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