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Are manufacturers ready for 4IR?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)is set to revolutionise industrial production - are manufacturers ready? Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Secure data handling in the cloud

Lenze has joined forces with IoT specialist ei3 Corporation to offer a combination of remote analysis of machine performance and remote predictive maintenance – enabling them to easily create online data services. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Game changing technology

Smart Machines & Factories looks at how Augmented Reality (AR) and cobots are driving the next wave of automation.

Looking ahead to a ‘smart’ future!

Smart Machines & Factories spoke to Board members of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) to discuss Industry 4.0 and the smartening process within the compressed air industry.

Smart sensors – the ‘all-seeing eyes’

David Hannaby, SICK’s UK product manager for Presence Detection takes a look at why sensors are the building blocks of Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0: dispelling the myths

Traditionally, machines in industrial environments could only provide actuation, but not anymore. As we enter the era of Industry 4.0, Nigel Smith, managing director of industrial robot specialist, TM Robotics, dispels some common misconceptions about implementing smart manufacturing.

The age of the PLC platform is now

Can an automation system be more than just the sum of its parts? Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric spoke to Smart Machines & Factories to argue that it can and that the age of the PLC platform is now bringing a host of benefits that extend far beyond ease of programming and simplicity of integration.

Robots continue their relentless rise

The global market for industrial robot systems is already worth more than $40bn, and could almost double again by 2020. As Tony Sacks reports, this growth is being driven by several factors including the emergence of new markets, such as SMEs, and the development of more flexible, easier-to-use technologies.

From talk to action

Stefan Reuther, chief sales officer of industrial software company COPA-DATA, explains the importance of using cutting-edge software in industrial facilities and the risks of using outdated systems.

‘Sheep dip’ to reduce cyber attack threats!

For businesses that use removable storage devices, the threat of cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems can be greatly reduced by “sheep dipping” your external storage devices before they even enter the building or production plant, says Tim Ricketts, director of M.A.C. Solutions.

Gigabit Industrial Ethernet adoption - the key to greater interconnectivity?

Is Gigabit Industrial Ethernet adoption the key to achieving Industry 4.0 goals? Smart Machines & Factories spoke to John Browett, CLPA Europe general manager, who outlines the network requirements that will enable Industry 4.0.

Tackling the robot hack threat

Users of industrial robots from manufacturing to healthcare are unprepared for the real risk of a hacking attack, warns a leading cyber security expert.

Industrial Digitalisation review unveils plans to boost industry

Industry proposals to boost the UK’s manufacturing sector have been unveiled this morning at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry with the publication of the Industrial Digitalisation Review.

Wake up to automation

Will Bourn of Güdel UK, looks at the UK’s past record of investment in robotics and automation, and the positive impact that future investment in automation and robotics can have on UK competitiveness.

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Will Industry 4.0 revolutionise industrial production?
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