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Digitalisation — not just for big business

13 December, 2017

When mobile phones were first released in the mid-1980s, a handset would set you back £3000 ($4000) — the equivalent of almost £7500 ($10,000) today. Smart Machines & Factories looks at how smaller food manufacturers can take advantage of low-cost digital technology.

Effective plant asset management – new functionalities for smart field devices

13 December, 2017

With its Simatic PDM Maintenance Station V2.0, Siemens is providing a solution for efficient monitoring of intelligent field device statuses independently of the automation and control system used. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Technologies tipping Industry 4.0

26 October, 2017

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of obsolete industrial parts supplier, EU Automation explores the top three tipping points in the realisation of Industry 4.0.

The age of the PLC platform is now

26 October, 2017

Can an automation system be more than just the sum of its parts? Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric spoke to Smart Machines & Factories to argue that it can and that the age of the PLC platform is now bringing a host of benefits that extend far beyond ease of programming and simplicity of integration.

The future of Industrial Ethernet diagnostics

20 October, 2017

In industrial automation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity is an important topic. Even though development has continued, machines aren’t perfect. To help system users prevent issues occurring in their network, PROCENTEC presented Atlas as its solution on the future of Industrial Ethernet diagnostics at the Hannover Messe trade fair in April this year. Smart Machines & Factories takes a look at the technology in more detail.Although PROFIBUS, with over 50 million nodes in use across the globe, is still the protocol of choice in most companies, a shift is currently occurring within industrial automation from the traditional fieldbus systems to Industrial Ethernet.

Bridging the gap between manufacturing & 4IR

03 October, 2017

To many UK Manufacturers, advanced manufacturing processes and technologies of the Smart Factory of the future including; digital integration of manufacturing plants; AI-led quality control; self-monitoring and evaluating machinery parts; machine to machine communications, may well seem like unobtainable theoretical concepts. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Tool Lifecycle Management - making the best of your tools

25 May, 2017

Smart Machines & Factories spoke to Peter Schneck, managing director, TDM Systems GmbH, about the next software generation.

Collaborative safety - a critical marker

16 May, 2017

Barry Graham, automation product marketing manager, Omron, looks at why collaborative safety is a critical marker for the smart factory.

AutomationML: a common language for manufacturer-independent engineering

03 March, 2017

The world stands on the brink of another potentially transformative and disruptive industrial revolution. Professor Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, postulates that it will be “a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.” Considering the impact of previous industrial revolutions, that is a bold statement. Steve Sands, head of product management & marketing, Festo GB reports.

Active involvement

25 October, 2016

The discussion around Industry 4.0 has tended to concentrate on the collection of data and its potential to generate greater production efficiencies. However, little time has been given to how vital information can be communicated around an organisation, particularly to the factory floor. Smart Machines & Factories visited the Bosch Rexroth factory in Homburg in Germany to see first-hand how Industry 4.0 is being visualised at all levels of the organisation.

The way to a true smart factory

25 October, 2016

At the PPMA Total show in Birmingham, Omron unveiled the company’s Industry 4.0 philosophy, and provided an insight to how the concept could look in reality by demonstrating a fully operational simulated Smart Factory. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Sensors look smart for Industry 4.0

25 October, 2016

David Hannaby explores how smart sensors are the “unsung heroes” that enables the smart factory.

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