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Autonomous technology: Mitigating the business impact of the Covid-19

Covid-19 has exposed the soft underbelly of critical infrastructure and industrial sites worldwide – workforce availability. As more and more companies implement business continuity plans to deal with the outbreak, fewer and fewer employees are able to fully function. Ariel Avitan, co-founder & chief commercial officer at Percepto reports.

The Smart way to Industry 4.0 with PROFINET based technologies

INCASE (“Industry 4.0 via Networked Control Applications and Sustainable Engineering”), co-organised by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI UK)and the European Interreg Project, are free-to-attend seminars that will address the key practical issues arising from the use of digital communications technologies in automated manufacturing and process industry applications, with particular attention to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

3D printing - the future of aircraft

Benjamin Stafford, materials science expert at materials search engine Matmatch, explores the future relationship of aviation and additive manufacturing.

Data & Diversity: 5 things manufacturers need to seriously consider in 2019

John Roberts, director of Idhammar Systems, addresses 5 developments manufacturers need to seriously consider this year, and shares his predictions for the manufacturing industry in 2019.

Could AI security prevent hacks?

Graham Smith, head of marketing at Microsoft recruitment partner Curo Talent, explains the role of automation in IT security and how it could address the skills shortage.

Smart Technology Zone

Cyber-security in the emerging digital world

It seems a long time ago now since various malware attacks on the operational layer changed the security landscape and highlighted vulnerabilities in the de-facto automation architecture. However, as we move along the road towards Smart Manufacturing with a view to improving efficiency, productivity and reliability of supply using the principles of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the subject of cyber-security is becoming arguably even more important. Chris Evans, marketing & operations group manager at Mitsubishi Electric

Call for ideas and expertise to help tackle novel coronavirus

The Royal Academy of Engineering has commented that it recognises the critical role that engineers can play in managing the impact of the pandemic, and is asking its Fellows, awardees and partners to use their combined engineering expertise and UK and global networks to help identify solutions, organisations and contacts that could help governments address challenges and assist the public health response.

Smart Industry Expo and co-located shows rescheduled to take place on 25th-27th January 2021

The biennial co-located events; Smart Industry Expo, Drives & Controls, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech Exhibitions – have been rescheduled to January 25th-27th 2021, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. These extra months will help give the industry the space to recover and the opportunity to present their technologies, innovations and solutions in an upturning market with no restrictions on travel. The events will continue to be co-located with MACH.

An increased appetite for smart factories

A new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found that smart factories could add at least $1.5 trillion to the global economy through productivity gains, improvements in quality and market share, along with customer services. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

IMechE’s response to Government’s call for increased ventilators

Dr Helen Meese, vice chair of the Biomedical Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers commented recently on the Government’s call for more ventilators to be manufactured.

A decentralised approach to digitalisation

The Industry 4.0 vision of a smart factory where every component, every device, every system and every site is digitally connected via the cloud presents an enormous design and engineering challenge. Is there a simple way of achieving the level of standardisation and connectivity required without compromising on design flexibility? Smart Machines & Factories asked Andy Parker-Bates of Festo UK for his view.

Additive manufacturing for production

As additive manufacturing (AM) / 3D printing continues to evolve, many of the pre-conceptions concerning its usefulness as a production technology for plastic parts and components need to be revisited. Nick Allen, MD, 3DPRINT UK, reports.

Driving technological innovation in the factory of tomorrow

Smart Machines & Factories caught up with Brendan O’Dowd*, general manager (Industrial Automation), Analog Devices, Inc (ADI), to take a look at how real-time control, safety, and security are driving technological innovation in the factory of tomorrow.

The nozzle: the unsung hero of 3D printing

The basic concept of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing is simple: three-dimensional shapes are built up layer-by-layer. In some ways, it's much like using an icing bag to pipe a cake. There is, of course, far more to 3D printing, but, essentially, like icing, the detail, style and speed of a print are all at the mercy of the nozzle you choose. Chris Elsworthy, MD and Lead Mechanical Engineer, CEL-UK, reports.

The benefits of investing in smart drive technology

Smart Machines & Factories takes a look at the top five ways to improve ROI on industrial drive technology.

Middleware that’s far from middling

For many years Turck Banner has used smart solutions using “middleware” to interface directly to customer’s databases and ERP / MES systems. Smart Machines & Factories reports.


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