Helping to demystify industrial
digitalisation in UK manufacturing

Serving up finance

OEMs can help their customers in the Machine Building sector embrace digitalisation with integrated finance. Neli Ivanova, sales manager, Industrial Equipment at Siemens Financial Services in the UK, reports.

The wearable for machine health: Condition-Based Monitoring

Condition-based monitoring (CbM) is the Industry 4.0 equivalent of wearable fitness devices. With the explosion of connectivity comes the opportunity to observe the physical world like never before and to see physical processes in action, in real time, in fine detail. In industrial systems, one of the processes important for us to understand is the process of the aging of equipment and machines. This is important in diverse markets from oil and gas, wind power generation, and industrial process control, where capital equipment costs are high, and downtime is costly. Stuart Servis*, senior applications engineer, reports.

Artificial intelligence set to revolutionise manufacturing

The UK has the potential to lead the world in the application of artificial intelligence for manufacturing, according to an AI lead at Coventry's Manufacturing Technology Centre.

University of Birmingham roboticist chairs global nuclear expert group

University of Birmingham Professor of Robotics, Rustam Stolkin, has been elected as Chair of a new international Expert Group on Robotic and Remote Systems (EGRSS) - part of the OECD’s global Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), which brings together the governments of 33 member nations.

Young people on the Falklands Islands inspired by the possibilities of 3D printing

The Falkland Islands are an archipelago comprising two main islands and 778 smaller islands covering an area of 12,000 sq km (almost half the size of Wales) with a population of just over 3.5 thousand. Here, a radio station covers local news and the territory's only newspaper is Penguin News. The islands are self-governing: Susannah Nightingale, Communications Regulator is appointed by the Governor of the Falkland Islands. There are two schools in Stanley, the capital, the Infant and Junior School and Camp Education (IJS&CE) teaches ages 4 to 11 and the Falkland Islands Community School caters for ages 11 to 16.

Smart Technology Zone

The peanut butter and jelly of industry

Jonathan Wilkins, director at automation equipment supplier EU Automation, explains the relationship between legacy equipment and emerging technology.

Fully integrated Smart Connected Assembly solution

Atlas Copco has designed and installed a fully integrated Smart Connected Assembly solution at leading eTruck manufacturer, Tevva Motors, for error-proof battery pack production. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Smart factories find leaks the smart way – wirelessly

The automotive industry is often a technology trendsetter among manufacturing industries as the scale and competitiveness of automotive manufacturing means that optimising production through automation increases output as well as enhancing quality and continuity. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

What does ‘Industry 4.0’ really mean for manufacturers?

Smart Machines & Factories spoke to Lucian Dold, general channel & product marketing manager at Omron Europe, about what Industry 4.0 really means for manufacturers.

We need more robots, not fewer

In an important – but, perhaps, under-publicised – new report, a committee of MPs has addressed the future of automation in the UK, and its vital importance to the economy. Contributing editor Tony Sacks has been looking through the report.

Middleware that’s far from middling

For many years Turck Banner has used smart solutions using “middleware” to interface directly to customer’s databases and ERP / MES systems. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Industry 4.0, 5G and AI: delivering a digital future

The next generation 5G wireless networks and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be crucial elements to enable Industry 4.0 to be wholly implemented. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Smart Industry Conference attracts leading experts

Leading experts from across UK industry were lined-up as speakers for the conference: Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition, ( which took place on 20th November 2019 at the MTC in Coventry. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

New generation of swarming robots

A new generation of swarming robots which can independently learn and evolve new behaviours in the wild is one step closer, thanks to research from the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (UWE).

Smart factories set to boost global economy by $1.5 trillion by 2023

A new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found that smart factories could add at least $1.5 trillion to the global economy through productivity gains, improvements in quality and market share, along with customer services. However, two-thirds of this overall value is still to be realised: efficiency by design and operational excellence through closed- loop operations will make equal contributions. According to the new research, China, Germany and Japan are the top three countries in smart factory adoption, closely followed by South Korea, United States and France.

Siemens acquires Atlas 3D

Siemens has signed an agreement to acquire Atlas 3D, Inc., a Plymouth, Indiana-based developer of software that works with direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) printers to automatically provide design engineers with the optimal print orientation and requisite support structures for additive parts in near real-time.

New materials: The 3D print revolution

An open culture has been an essential catalyst for the speed of adoption and development of the 3D printing marketplace, underpinned by collaborative and knowledge sharing. With the Ultimaker Material Alliance Programme, professionals globally have access not only to a vast library of materials but also invaluable knowhow and shared experience. Smart Machines & Factories takes a closer look at the new 3D printable materials enabling a new generation of applications.

Operational data – the new gold!

As the manufacturing sector continues to expand its reliance on digital technology, data has become a valuable form of currency to potential hackers. Last year, the Chinese government was accused of repeatedly hacking a company to try to steal and replicate the design of a turbofan engine for commercial jetliners, highlighting the value often lurking in plant environments. Lee Carter, Industrial Network and Cyber Security product manager at SolutionsPT, looks at how early threat detection is crucial to prevent prolonged access to sensitive data and to protect valuable assets.

Encouraging the next generation of engineers

What do Facebook, Gatwick Airport and Network Rail have to do with machines and factories? A lot, according to Primary Engineer CEO Dr. Susan Scurlock, MBE, who is changing the way that careers in professional engineering are seen by pupils, parents, teachers and engineers themselves.

Building a solid business case for the digital transition

Industry 4.0 promises to deliver a broad range of business benefits, but the majority of industrial companies are still at the digital starting gates and few can claim to have created real business value. But, by adopting robust, scalable and flexible IoT platforms, manufacturing enterprises can build a solid business case for the digital transition and secure the vital first breakthroughs on a journey to the digital world. Dave Pickles, managing director, Capula Ltd, reports.

How manufacturers can prepare for 5G

Heiko Noll, product manager devices at industrial communication solutions provider INSYS icom, explores what manufacturers should do to prepare their machines and plants for the 5G roll out.


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