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Combining technological expertise

23 July, 2021

Connectivity across the entire production workflow is a major goal of industrial digitalisation. However according to WFL  Millturn Technologies,  the greatest challenge lies in combining technological expertise from two different disciplines: IT and industrial production.

How to achieve the golden batch

23 July, 2021

The golden batch describes the perfect production batch, against which all others are benchmarked. With efficiency and productivity front of mind for most manufacturers currently, how can industry get closer to achieving golden batches? George Walker explains how operations management systems can help.

Simplicity is key to eliminating IT bottlenecks

23 July, 2021

Johan Jonzon looks at how low code platforms can alleviate the IT bottleneck.

Automation or hyperautomation?

22 July, 2021

Neil Ballinger, head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation, explains the fundamentals of hyperautomation.

Smart grid technologies can ensure energy across borders

20 July, 2021

Etienne Hilgen explains why the right choice of telemetry unit, software, SCADA and simulation systems will be crucial to maintaining this infrastructure.

Key benefits of cloud-based asset management systems

20 July, 2021

Steve Richmond* explains some of the key advantages of using a cloud-based system versus an on-premise system to help you in finding an efficient and reliable EAM solution.

Leveraging data to increase productivity

19 July, 2021

By Dan Rossek, regional marketing manager at Omron: Data can elevate the maintenance function from being a quick fix to keep production lines running, to being a vital tool for enterprise success. Omron explains how to raise your maintenance strategy to this level by accessing and repurposing data that already exists.

Robot-based automation: experts explain "Intelligent Pick & Place"

15 July, 2021

The demand for robot-based automation of pick-and-place applications in logistics, warehousing, commissioning or packaging is high. If the objects to be processed vary greatly in shape, size, colour or position, either complex teach-in procedures are required – or the challenge is solved with intelligent image processing software.

Contaminant detection data tools

14 July, 2021

Following a year of pandemic disruption, the focus on AI and Industry 4.0 has resumed, accelerating the race to shorten production times, reduce costs and improve quality. With European food factories seeking practical data technologies and machines to facilitate smarter decision making and increase efficiency, Fortress Technology has launched its new suite of connectivity software to streamline data collection procedures.

Global Survey on ‘State of Industry 4.0

14 July, 2021

Molex, a global electronics leader and connectivity innovator, has announced the results of a global survey of Industry 4.0 manufacturing stakeholders driving advancements in robotics, complex machines and device or control systems.

Machine learning - the heart of future autonomous and intelligent systems

13 July, 2021

There’s still a lot of deep learning and artificial neural networking to undertake before the latest generation of injection moulding machines can fully predict and react autonomously to a given production situation.

The benefits of OT to IT convergence

13 July, 2021

Matt Lundberg* takes a look at how to reduce overheads and downtime with OT to IT convergence.

Time-Sensitive Networking

13 July, 2021

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is preparing industrial Ethernet to support tomorrow’s industrial communications needs by providing innovative, highly beneficial features. Companies are well aware of this potential, and a lot is happening to fully realise the TSN-driven Connected Industries of the Future.

Supporting students with automotive vision

12 July, 2021

3DPRINTUK works with a wide range of industrial companies across many sectors. This includes automotive companies, where the company’s expertise with polymer powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing is often focused on functional prototypes of complex parts, as well as for final production parts.

Online catalogue that provides designers with a time-saving tool kit

12 July, 2021

Festo has developed an award-winning online catalogue that provides designers with a time-saving tool kit and prepares the way for the creation of an Asset Administration Shell, or Digital Twin, for their machines.

Preventing cyber-attacks against your OT systems

12 July, 2021

The demand for comprehensive security measures to protect OT networks is growing as smart Manufacturing continues to merge the worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). David Bean* looks at the fundamental aspects that need to be considered, including suitable system level design, risk management, system intrusion detection and automation platform vulnerability management.

IIOT: The potential for telematics in gensets

12 July, 2021

Becky Wallis, Finsight Supervisor at energy and transportation expert Finning UK & Ireland, discusses the potential for telematics in gensets to help generator operators improve fleet performance and avoid downtime by receiving near real-time information on their machinery.

Overcoming 3G shut off with the help of industrial routers

12 July, 2021

AT & T turned off its 2G network in 2017 which caused San Francisco’s buses and trains to disappear from its NextMuni system map, which passengers use to check the location of vehicles and arrival times. This resulted in fierce pressure from the public to upgrade its monitoring devices. Andy Conway explains why industrial businesses could soon face a similar issue.

Embracing automated intralogistics

09 July, 2021

Because of meeting delivery promises for online shoppers, an increasing number of SME warehouse operators and e-commerce retailers are using automated intralogistics technology. Paul Freeman* reports.

Bringing crushing and screening into Industry 4.0

06 July, 2021

Edge analytics software is increasingly popular with manufacturers and makes equipment data more accessible to decision makers. But could it help manufacturers seize Industry 4.0's promise of revolutionizing industry? Rubble Master, a mobile crushing and screening equipment manufacturer, put this question to the test when it sought to do more with its equipment data. It turned to edge analytics expert Crosser to help bring its crushing and screening into the digital realm.

The important role of edge analytics in Industry 4.0

06 July, 2021

How can Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge analytics improve manufacturing efficiency? Johan Jonzon explains the important role of edge analytics in Industry 4.0.

Creating a smart workforce for tomorrow

06 July, 2021

With companies focusing on semi rather than fully automated intralogistics models, it is important to consider the role of the workforce in this new, collaborative environment. From skills to safety, Jon Divers considers the creation of a smart workforce and the evolving skillset for the material handling and logistics engineers of tomorrow.

Getting started with digitalising food production

02 July, 2021

Stephen Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff UK, explains how food engineers can get started with digitalisation.

The future of industrial communications

02 July, 2021

Thomas Burke, global strategic advisor at CLPA, looks at the most promising network technologies and innovations as well as how they are revolutionising industrial communications.

Factors to consider when investing in new measurement equipment

29 June, 2021

Manufacturers purchase new metrology equipment for a variety of reasons — to improve product quality, increase throughput or reduce operator intervention. Often it is because they believe new machines are necessary to remain competitive. However, simply installing new equipment is not enough. Here Mike John, managing director of industrial metrology specialist The Sempre Group, argues why the industry should shift its focus from equipment to the intended outcome.


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