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digitalisation in UK manufacturing

Manufacturing in the information age

09 February, 2017

A unified network fabric based on standard IP with a strong physical infrastructure supports reliable, secure networks that take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things. Amaechi Oduah, marketing solutions manager, EMEA,

Brexit, uncertainty and moving beyond

02 February, 2017

SOMERSET CAPITOL says recent downturns and troubling economic matters have demonstrated that uncertainty breeds timidity and cautious attitudes towards corporate investment are bantered about whenever there is even the smallest bit of less than appealing news in the global macroeconomic outlook. The company says now enter Brexit, a both legitimate and media-frenzied gift to fueling uncertain mindsets and fear that keeps capital on the sidelines with growth reserved in favour of preparing for troubling weather, but with regard to capital expenditures, does this have to be the way?

Internet of Manufacturing

02 February, 2017

Internet of Manufacturing takes place between the 7th – 8th February 2017 in Munich, Germany. Industrie 4.0 is creating profound opportunities for manufacturers to transform business models, innovate new products and increase productivity.

Engineering a future outside the EU

25 October, 2016

A report published by the UK engineering profession hails the government’s renewed focus on industrial strategy as a major opportunity to help the UK compete on the world stage, but warns that Brexit must not restrict access to the engineering skills from across Europe that our economy relies on. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Manufacturing the connected car

25 October, 2016

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the increasing use of cloud computing and mobile devices in automotive manufacturing.

Protecting against cyber attacks

24 October, 2016

As businesses seek to embrace Industry 4.0, cybersecurity protection must be a top priority for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). These attacks are financially crippling, reduce production and business innovation, and cost lives. Dave Sutton reports.


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