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ROI as a goal in the smart factory

23 October, 2018

According to research from Barclays Corporate Banking, over half of manufacturers are reporting improved productivity thanks to the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. Despite this, two thirds state that they are yet to experience a return on investment (ROI). Lee Sullivan, regional sales manager at industrial software provider COPA-DATA UK, explains the steps manufacturers can take to boost ROI.

Putting the AI into maintenance

08 October, 2018

Sean Robinson, service leader at industrial analytics platform supplier Novotek UK & Ireland, explains how plant managers can make proactive maintenance even more effective with machine learning.

IoT: Increasing supply chain efficiency

08 August, 2018

IoT, robotics and machine learning set to transform the supply chain, suggests research by Inmarsat. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Arriving now… the factories of the future

17 July, 2018

Smart Machines & Factories takes a look at a range of new solutions from Mitubishi Electric to keep up with the Smart technological wave.

Finance 4.0

23 March, 2018

Brian Foster, head of industry finance at Siemens Financial Services in the UK, takes a look at digitalisation in the plastics industry and the role of asset finance.

Cobots enable companies to remain cost-competitive while keeping their manufacturing operations at home

16 February, 2018

The long-standing industrial practice of outsourcing manufacturing operations to low-cost parts of the world to keep manufacturing costs down has recently taken a turn.

The Golden Rules for ensuring IoT availability

01 February, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to revolutionise industrial processes for the better, but there are plenty of pitfalls that will need to be avoided. Safeguards can help us navigate this new landscape. Andy Bailey, Solutions Architect, Stratus reports.

Electrifying global service strategy

01 February, 2018

Global energy management firm Schneider Electric is rolling out ServiceMax‘s service management solution to 6000 engineers across the globe as part of its One Schneider customer support strategy in which IoT will also play a key role. Marc Ambasna-Jones caught up with both companies at MaxLive Europe.

Data for decisions

13 December, 2017

Martyn Williams, managing director of COPA-DATA UK, explains why manufacturers should invest in cross-site data reporting.

Secure data handling in the cloud

13 December, 2017

Lenze has joined forces with IoT specialist ei3 Corporation to offer a combination of remote analysis of machine performance and remote predictive maintenance – enabling them to easily create online data services. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Underwoods - Industry Update

23 October, 2017

In a fast moving and developing digital world of Factory Automation as engineers and technical minds we need to have our fingers on the pulse and continuously be updated helping us stay one step ahead of the competition. With this in mind Underwoods is bringing you an Industry update of what’s available right now and into the future to help you achieve and meet your requirements in this ever changing industry bringing you closer to achieving those goals of more productivity, efficiency and cost saving to mention a few.

‘Sheep dip’ to reduce cyber attack threats!

20 October, 2017

For businesses that use removable storage devices, the threat of cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems can be greatly reduced by “sheep dipping” your external storage devices before they even enter the building or production plant, says Tim Ricketts, director of M.A.C. Solutions.

From talk to action

20 October, 2017

Stefan Reuther, chief sales officer of industrial software company COPA-DATA, explains the importance of using cutting-edge software in industrial facilities and the risks of using outdated systems.

Safety 4.0

21 September, 2017

Thomas Negre, global director-gas detection and connected industrial worker at Honeywell Industrial Safety, explains why ‘connected safety’ is taking centre stage in today’s smart factories and is enhancing worker protection as well as productivity.

Technology Readiness and ERP

27 June, 2017

With all the hype around the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Nick McGrane, managing director of K3 Syspro, takes us back to basics and takes us through some of the fundamental principles of evaluating where your business is currently at on the Technology Readiness scale.

Cyber security pitfalls

23 May, 2017

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of obsolete industrial parts supplier, EU Automation discusses three cyber security pitfalls that industry should prepare for.

Optimising safety

16 May, 2017

Industry 4.0 conjures up images of a highly dynamic working environment, able to respond almost immediately to shifts in customer requirements through rapid reorganisation and reconfiguration of manufacturing processes. In this scenario, individual production lines and cells can transform their operations and output almost at will, based on information garnered and analysed in real time. Mike Lomax, head of product management UK, Bosch Rexroth, reports.

High-level connectivity

10 February, 2017

The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is here, transforming the economy and society, resulting in the demand for smart machinery and factories to meet the developments of the Internet of Things. Gavin Stoppel, HARTING Ltd, reports.

Tackling cyber security

02 February, 2017

With a number of high profile hacks to manufacturing and processing businesses, and with widely reported vulnerabilities discovered in known-brand industrial controllers, it has become increasingly clear that the fully networked production environments and connected machinery that will be a dominant feature of the smart factory of the future are all too vulnerable to cyber-attack, and therefore attractive to hackers. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

Making sense of I4.0

25 October, 2016

Smart Machines & Factories takes a look at Industry 4.0 and what it means for machine builders.

Smart logistics!

25 October, 2016

Smart Machines & Factories spoke to Howard Forryan, at HARTING, about the role of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things in helping to improve the efficiency of manufacturing logistics.

Five changes IoT brings to manufacturing

25 October, 2016

Martyn Williams, managing director of COPA-DATA UK discusses five changes the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing to the manufacturing environment.

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