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The low-code digital transformation guide

14 October, 2021
low code digital transformation
low code digital transformation Credit: Siemens Digital Industries Software

The world is changing and the way you develop software needs to change with it. The success rate of an enterprise-scale digital project is very slim, with 70% of projects either facing serious challenges or failing altogether. The key? Start breaking down walls within your entire organisation to clear space for your new innovation factory. When Siemens began its journey, the aim was to solve a problem that countless businesses face every single day: delivering software with traditional tools and techniques.

The problem, while easy to grasp, is massively complex.

It’s all about collaboration. Or a lack thereof. Infrequent end user involvement often results in unclear requirements. And unclear requirements are harder to address and refine when development teams use processes that are rigid and siloed.

The result? A perfect storm of inefficiencies causing delayed projects fraught with issues.

Siemens Digital Industries Software has launched a whitepaper called The Low-Code Digital Transformation Guide aimed at manufacturers looking to start out on a digital transformation journey.

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