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Creative Solutions for a Smart World – Efficient planning processes

14 January, 2020

Embark on your journey to a smarter world with a versatile range of innovative products, software, services, and expertise tailored to your applications with Phoenix Contact.

Control cabinet manufacturers are having to develop new approaches in order to remain competitive. COMPLETE line supports you, from engineering through to manufacturing, in making your control cabinet production as efficient as possible. The optimised interactions simplify all of the work processes from engineering through to procurement, installation and operation saving you time and money.

From planning through to the finished control cabinet

The PROJECT complete planning and marking software supports the entire control cabinet manufacturing process. The program features an intuitive user interface that enables the individual planning, automatic checking, and direct ordering of terminal strips.

Digital descriptions

Uniform digital product descriptions support engineering, installation, production, and maintenance. This means that all operating states are known at all times; their visualisation simplifies planning, analysis, and operation.

Professional cloud solutions

With digitalisation on the increase, there is a need to integrate data analysis into company processes. With Proficloud, you can capture your machine and system data from anywhere in the world and combine large volumes of data from different sources. Using modern data analysis as a foundation, you can make informed decisions, produce forecasts, and improve your operations process control.

Discover more

Our creative solutions for a smart world will be the theme of our stand at Drives and Controls. Discover innovative products and solutions that will enable you to move towards smart planning and production- including cyber security, limitless automation with PLCnext Technology, and smart interface technology.


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